Click on the book cover to read, “On Eagle Cove” by, Jane Yolen

Click here to see how big a Bald Eagle’s nest is!

Click here to see how a juvenile Bald Eagle’s head changes to white.

The Eaglets Have Hatched!!

The first eaglet hatched and right away the parent started feeding it small bits of food. Look at the eagle cams below to see what they are doing LIVE!!


1.Watch the Surrey Eagle Cam and observe what is happening.

2. Draw a picture of the eaglets and what they are doing.

3. Explain in writing what is happening in your picture. Think about what we have learned about Bald Eagles and how they look after their babies.

Watch the Eaglets Online

The eaglets are starting to hatch. Click here to go to Hancock Wildlife Org. website. Scroll down to STREAMING CAMS.

Surrey Schools Non-Fiction Narrative Nominees 2020/2021

Click on this link for the official website and some activities:

Chantrell’s Virtual Library

Let’s Review Digital Citizenship!

Primary students, K-3 click on Digital Superheroes.

Intermediate students, 4-7 click on Ninja Breakout.

LC Art Studio

Guess what it is!

There are 2 videos here of Mrs. Soo reading books in which you have to guess what the close up picture is a picture of. I hope you enjoy them.

Can you guess what these plants and animals are?

Can you guess what these tiny plants and animals are?


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Peace Arch News


1st Full Class Maker Session in the Learning Commons


Google’s Cardboard Goggles

The grade 3s experienced a virtual tour of the solar system using Google Cardboard Goggles!