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How do you read? Get the Follett Shelf App.

Read this for Ebook instructions:

GET THE APP!! The app is called BryteWaveK-12 and is available for almost any device, including Kindle. You will need your Freshgrade username, password and URL: wbb24821

New ebooks are being added to the collection every day so go and see what’s new! You can use a tablet, iPod, laptop, desktop or Kindle to access the eBooks. Students use their Freshgrade district usernames and passwords. The books will automatically be returned after 2 weeks. Young Adult books are not available to Elementary students on Follett Shelf.


What is a Graphic Novel? defines a graphic novel as: “A fictional story that is presented in comic strip format.” It is a novel. The graphic novel section is one of the most frequently visited in the Chantrell Creek library and many of our graphic novels are award winners. There are graphic novels that are suitable for most age groups.

Some of our many graphic novels.

Some of our many graphic novels.

The Japanese Manga style of graphic novel is read from back to front and right to left. The students are surprisingly good and adapting to this style.


3D printer video


3D printer makes prosthetics for dog 

3D Printing Practice


So far I’ve printed a few cord holders, robots, lens caps, teardrop art and a shark clip. My next print will be Lego pieces and miniature mushroom lights. Go to: http:/ to find some ideas for September.

Peace Arch News


1st Full Class Maker Session in the Learning Commons


Google’s Cardboard Goggles

The grade 3s experienced a virtual tour of the solar system using Google Cardboard Goggles!


A slimy visitor to the Learning Commons.