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Things That Make me Happy

100 Things That Make me Happy

It takes 5 years for a Juvenile’s head to turn white.


A Bald Eagle’s nest is huge!

Watch the Eaglets Online

Click here to go to watch the eaglets at Hancock Wildlife Org. website. Scroll down to STREAMING CAMS.

A Great Overview of the World We Share!


Would you like to design a bookmark for the Chantrell Creek Library? This contest is open to all students. Please fill in the entire bookmark with words and or pictures and make it colourful. Mrs. Soo will choose a few bookmarks to print and share with other readers!

Surrey Schools Non-Fiction Narrative Nominees 2020/2021

Click on this link for the official website and some activities:

Chantrell’s Virtual Library

Terry Fox Run

Rube Goldberg Machines and Simple Machines

Borrow this book from the library!

Go to the official Rube Goldberg website, RUBEGOLDBERG.COM

11 Brilliant Rube Goldberg Machines

What is a Rube Goldberg Machine?

What is a Simple Machine?

How does Rube Goldberg incorporate Simple Machines into his Rube Goldberg Machines?

Here are some examples of simple machines in everyday life.

Lesson Plans for teachers here.