Dandelion Science

Dandelions are everywhere!

Let’s Observe:

  1. Find a dandelion and watch it for the next few days. Do you see any insects visiting your dandelion?
  2. Look at your dandelion in the morning, do you notice that it is closed?
  3. When does it open? Why do you think it closes up at night and opens in the day?
  4. Look at the bright colour. Why do you think it is so bright?
  5. Look at the stem. Does it remind you of a straw? What do we do with a straw? How do you think a dandelion uses its stem?

    Look at this straw and this dandelion stem.

Let’s Experiment:

*Experiment worksheet can be downloaded fromĀ here.

  1. Question: Does a flower stem suck up water?
  2. Materials: Dry Dandelions and Container of Water
  3. Process:
    1. Find one or more dandelions with long stems and pick them.
    2. Take the flower head off and split the stems from the bottom up into 2 strips using your fingernail.
  4. Hypothesis / Guess: Before you put the stem strips into the water, guess what you think is going to happen.
  5. Put the stem strips in a sink or container full of water.
    1. Observe: What happens?
    2. Why do the stem strips move and change like that? What do you think is happening?
    3. Conclusion: Explain what happened and did it answer the question, Does a flower stem suck up water?

Once you have discussed your thoughts, read this:

The reason that the stem strips curl when you put them in water is because the outside of the stem does not let the water in and the inside of the stem absorbs the water.

Feel the difference between the inside and the outside of the stem. Can you feel how the inside is moist? This is how it delivers water from the roots up to the flower.

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